IoT Overview and Fundamentals

About this event

Internet of Things  a newly emerging term, refers to the new generation of the Internet (the network) that enables understanding between interconnected devices (via Internet Protocol). These devices include tools, sensors, sensors, various artificial intelligence tools, and others. This definition goes beyond the traditional concept of people communicating with computers and smartphones over a single global network and through the well-known traditional Internet protocol. What distinguishes the Internet of Things is that it allows the person to be free from the place, that is, the person can control the tools without having to be in a specific place to deal with a specific device.

In this workshop, we will learn about the concept of the Internet of Things and its architecture and how we can invest this field in our daily lives in many applications as it is considered one of the areas of the future, and we will also learn about a group of sources through which we can start learning this field for students, researchers and amateurs.