Business Principles & Human Centered Design

Business Principles & Human Centered Design From the business development guide to your journey as an entrepreneur in Iraq

Jan 7, 2022, 5:00 – 7:00 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

The following topics will be discussed in the session:

Introduction (the difference between types of institutions, and startups)

Types of Entrepreneurship Are you an Entrepreneur?

- visualization

- design thinking

- What is the design thinking methodology?

- How do we apply design thinking.

- Local and international examples of design thinking.

- Roadmap

- Stage one: understanding and observing

- The second stage: identification (determining the outline of the point of view)

- Third stage: thinking

- Brainstorming scheme

- Idea selection scheme

- Solution Scheme

The session is presented by D. Alaa Talal Yassin

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  • Dr. Alaa Talal Yassin

    Project management


  • Mukhtar Hayder

    GDSC Lead

  • امير اسامه محمد حسن

    CO - Leader

  • Muntadher Mazin

    Core Team

  • Sohaib Raid

    Core Team

  • Aliaa Firnas

    Core Team

  • Ghasaq Sabah Shakhati

    Core Team

  • Rana Rafil Al-amily

    Core Team

  • Abdulsalam Adil

    Core Team

  • Hayder Sabah

    Core Team

  • محمد رياض سكران

    University of Information and Communication Technology

    Core Team

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