The Future of Telemedicine: How Technology is Transforming Healthcare Delivery

University of Ilorin
Fri, Apr 28, 9:00 PM (WAT)

GDSC is here again!!! And now, we are looking into healthcare, Yes! You read that right. This time, we are concerned about how technology is improving the healthcare. This thrilling enlightenment will bring on air a top guest: Mr Oluwagbenga Ogunfowokan, who is the prestigious Co-founder of KompleteCare. Host: Mr Abdulaziz Akanbi, GDSC Lead, Unilorin. Time: 9pm-10pm WAT Platform: Twitter space

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Tech has been in existence for over a century, it is sometimes quoted that "it is a blessing and a curse" but in the healthcare sector, it has proven to be positive and technology, has come to do more good and almost no harm in improving the healthcare system. With the help of technological devices,medical advice have been able to enlighten a broad number of Virtual audiences through the help of social media powered by mobile devices. These modern improvements have brought physicians and their patients closer without letting geographical location a barrier. Since post covid era, physicians and healthcare practitioners have improved their online presence to give medical advocacy which has helped reduced medical defects by adjusting to healthy personal habits, examples of these medical content creators are Aproko Doctor,Sabi Doctor,Aproko Pharmacist, Dr penking etc setting the foundational background of medical education via media all powered by technology. In the hospital, with the help of medical engineers to aid the installation of medical devices and their operations in ICU units and outside the ICU within the hospital environment, we can as well be sure that tech is improving its stance in the medical sector.



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