Mastering the Art of Consistency: Tips and Strategies

University of Ilorin
Sat, Apr 22, 9:00 PM (WAT)

As techies, one of the building block to being successful in tech is consistency. Are you having a hard time being consistent?, then this event is for you. It will provide you insight on the strategies needed to staying consistent. Hope to see you there.

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About this event

It is a given we all need consistency to build a successful tech career regardless of our various niche. Most of the times, we struggle with that aspect because we probably aren't doing it the right way.

At the event "Mastering the art of consistency in tech: tips and strategies", we will be giving you all the strategies needed to stay consistent in our various tech careers.

Come with a open mind and be ready to learn, as we would be leaving no stone unturned on Friday, 21st of April, 2023. The time remains 9:00pm WAT, set a reminder now!



  • Abdulaziz Akanbi

    Abdulaziz Akanbi

    Google Developer Student Clubs

    GDSC Lead

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  • Adekunle Oyedeji

    Adekunle Oyedeji

    Gebeya Inc.


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  • moshood Salaudeen

    moshood Salaudeen


    Design Lead

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  • Muiz Haruna

    Muiz Haruna


    Management Lead

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  • Daniel Olabemiwo

    Daniel Olabemiwo

    University of Ilorin

    Technical Lead

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    Tee-my Creativity || Fits&Styles

    Design Co-Lead

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  • Taofeeqah Bello

    Taofeeqah Bello


    Product Designer

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  • solihu abdulmumin

    solihu abdulmumin

    Lead Content Creation

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  • Ayomide Adesina

    Ayomide Adesina

    Lead Media & Publication

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  • Ayodeji Ezekiel

    Ayodeji Ezekiel

    Product Design Lead

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  • Ajibola S. BELLO

    Ajibola S. BELLO


    Lead, Colledge of Health Science

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  • Owolabi Barakat

    Owolabi Barakat

    Brand/Product Designer

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  • Ayoku Alaran

    Ayoku Alaran

    Data Scientist || Data Analyst

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  • Uthman Akinsawe

    Uthman Akinsawe

    Co-lead, Product Design

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  • Oreoluwa Isaac odetola

    Oreoluwa Isaac odetola

    Motion Designer

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  • Islamiat Oseni

    Islamiat Oseni

    Public Relations Lead

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  • Imam Bashir Abdulwahab

    Imam Bashir Abdulwahab

    Diary of Hackers Community

    Cybersecurity Analyst / Product manager

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  • Victor Oricha

    Victor Oricha

    Deaf Lead/Frontend Web Developer

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  • Abdulsamad Danmusa

    Abdulsamad Danmusa

    Frost Graphix

    Graphic Designer

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  • Ologundudu Joseph

    Ologundudu Joseph

    Royal Prince Photography

    Management Team

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  • Sulaiman Dexter

    Sulaiman Dexter

    Femtech I.T Institute Of Technology

    Software Developer

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  • Moyinoluwa Adedeji

    Moyinoluwa Adedeji


    Product designer

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