Introduction to Microservices

UIC Lincoln Hall Room 120 - 1200 W Harrison St Chicago, 60607 University of Illinois Chicago
Tue, Feb 28, 4:00 PM (CST)

Learn about the microservice architecture using GRPC and Protocol Buffers.

About this event

The event is an introduction to microservices, which will explain what they are, their benefits, and how they differ from traditional monolithic architectures. This event is tailored for computer science students who want to expand their knowledge in software architecture and development.

Attendees will be introduced to gRPC, a high-performance remote procedure call (RPC) framework that is widely used in microservices. The session will explain how gRPC allows for efficient communication between microservices, enabling faster data transfer and lower latency.

The next part of the event will focus on Protobuf, a language-agnostic binary serialization format that is used to efficiently transfer data between microservices. Attendees will learn how to define their own messages and services using Protobuf and how to generate client and server code using various languages.


Tuesday, Feb 28
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CST)


UIC Lincoln Hall Room 120
1200 W Harrison St Chicago60607