Info Session

Welcome to Google Developer Student Club at National School Of Applied Sciences Berrechid! Join us for our kickoff info session!

Sep 19, 2021, 3:00 โ€“ 4:45 PM



Key Themes

Career DevelopmentSolution Challenge

About this event

What will you learn ?

-->Learn about the GDSC.

-->Meet the all members of the club.

-->Our plan for this year.

-->The opportunities and benifits of being a member.


Everyone is welcome! We're super excited to meet everyone! 

If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to reach out to us! Also, make sure to follow GDSC ENSAB on Social Media.


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  • Manal BENCHRIF

    ENSA Berrechid,Morocco

    Lead of GDSC

  • Ahmad khaled Elshafee


    Project Manager

  • Razane Marref

    University of Batna 2,Algeria

    Lead of GDSC

  • Salma El Bakkal

    University Hassan 1,Morocco

    Ex-Lead of GDSC

  • Hamza Kamel

    University CIC ,Egypt

    Lead of GDG New Cairo chapter | Solution Challenge TOP 10 -

  • Abdulmajid Ali

    University of Khartoum ,Sudan

    Lead of GDSC

  • Nour Ahmad Mohammad Abdallah

    Al-Balqaโ€™ Applied University, Jordan

    Women techmaker ambassador

  • Ziyad Bastaili

    ENSA Berrechid,Morocco

    Lead of Big Data at GDSC


  • Fatima Laamri

    GDSC Lead

  • Charraki wissal


  • Hicham Mokaddem

    Web Development Lead

  • Houda Arqib

    Lead of Design

  • Issam Salmi

    Lead of AI

  • Mohamed Louak

    Lead of mobile

  • Mohamed Benabdallah Belbaraka

    Lead of communication

  • Nihal Snaj

    Social Media Manager


    Lead of Cyber Security

  • Salma Oumouusa

    Lead of Cloud Computing

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