Career Day '23: Opening Doors to Your Dream Career

About this event

🎉 "Career Day '23: Opening Doors to Your Dream Career" 🚪🔑 is an exciting event that brings together three dynamic clubs, 💻 GDSC ENSA BERRECHID, CEC, and Fintech. 🤝 Hosting four outstanding speakers: Yassine Badaoui from Salesforce, Mouad El Moutaki from Salesforce, Lahcen Ait Youssef, a Consultant Junior SAP ABAP at SKATYS, and Aicha Laafia, a Java Software Engineer at SQLI. 🎙️ The event will focus on their experiences and offer insightful discussions about:

📝 How to build your resume,

💼 How to use Linkedin effectively,

💡 Design Thinking,

👩‍💼 Personal Branding,

🏃‍♀️ Agile methods,

💡 And other useful career tips. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn from experts in the industry! 🤩