Machine Learning with Spark on Google Cloud Dataproc Workshop

About this event

In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare the Spark interactive shell on a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster, create a training dataset for machine learning using Spark, develop a logistic regression machine learning model using Spark, and evaluate the predictive behaviour of a machine learning model using Spark on Google Cloud Datalab.

Together with Goran Minov (Technical Project Manager, RBH and Co-Organiser, GDG London), you will cover the basics on how to implement logistic regression using a machine learning library for Apache Spark running on a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster to develop a model for data from a multivariable dataset.

To join this workshop you should have basic Linux sysadmin skills and some familiarity with Machine Learning basics. Experience with Dataproc will be beneficial but is not essential.

Note: In order to participate you will need an account with You can create an account for free. We will provide a voucher code to launch the lab during the workshop.


  • Arijeet Ghosh

    Arijeet Ghosh

    University of Glasgow

    Postgraduate Student

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  • Farhan Rashid Nabil

    Farhan Rashid Nabil

    Marketing & Communication Manager

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