Flying fast with AMP

About this event

Collaboration between GDG UKI and DSC University of Glasgow

AMP meets you exactly where you are. Whether you're building a site from scratch, using a CMS or optimizing an in-house solution, AMP can help! AMP’s built-in validation system guides your development process, ensuring your page is performant and user-first. AMP comes with built-in accessibility and compatibility across browsers.

In this workshop, we will learn:

  • What is AMP and how it works
  • How to create AMP pages
  • How to handle user interaction
  • How to use AMP forms and validation
  • How to use AMP state
  • How to render server data
  • How to perform dynamic data updates (filtering & sorting)




  • Arijeet Ghosh

    Arijeet Ghosh

    University of Glasgow

    Postgraduate Student

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  • Farhan Rashid Nabil

    Farhan Rashid Nabil

    Marketing & Communication Manager

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