Flutter Engage Extended UK & Ireland

About this event

DSC UofG, GDG Dev Party UK & Ireland and Flutter London have come together to host talks on Flutter. 

We are extremely happy to host a Q&A session with Tim Sneath, Director of Flutter at Google as well.

Every attendee of the event will participate in a giveaway of Google Nest Minis, too!

Get your free ticket at the link above or here.

We will be hosting 3 talks, followed by a Q&A with Tim Sneath, Director of Flutter at Google

TALK 1 - Having fun with Flutter and Chat ⚡️ by Nash Ramdial

Real-time chat is everywhere these days. Everything from social media apps to customer service bots all use chat to add another layer of interactivity to their service. Implementing chat is not as trivial as one might imagine. It involves lots of complex pieces ranging from server setup to scaling and infrastructure cost.

Join us as we explore how Stream and Flutter can simplify adding chat to your application.

TALK 2 - Web App development using Flutter2 by Renuka Kelkar

Renuka will go over different steps involved in building beautiful web applications using Flutter2. During this talk, she will give some steps and tips along with an overview of the different packages and frameworks available.

TALK 3 - Designing in... Flutter? by Karthik Nooli

So you are a sole developer or a small startup without an official UI designer? You want to create a nice looking UI, but you don't have a creative eye, or you just want to cross-skill and be a rare designer/developer? Find out how Flutter can help solve all your problems and get tips from a Flutter Developer/hobbyist UI designer.




Thursday, Mar 25
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


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