Cloud Workshop: GKE Workload Optimization

About this event

Deploying workloads to GKE is easy, but optimising them to achieve high availability and greater resource efficiency can be challenging. In this workshop, we will walk through practices that can help address these challenges, including configuring container-native load balancing, load-balancing, liveness and readiness probes, and pod-disruption budgets.

Tim Berry (Head of Cloud Training, Appsbroker) will provide a quick theory lesson on the concepts we will use to optimise GKE workloads, then as a group, we will work through the Qwiklab “GKE Workload Optimization”, getting hands-on with our own GKE clusters in a free (and risk-free) environment. Tim and some other GDG volunteers will be on hand to answer any questions if you get stuck.

This is an intermediate workshop and to join you should have some basic experience deploying simple workloads to Kubernetes. In order to participate, you will need an account with You can create an account for free. We will provide a voucher code to launch the lab during the workshop.

Get your free ticket at the link above or here.


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