Android Study Jams: Session 1

About this event

Google DSC University of Glasgow is excited to announce that is kicking off Android Study Jams for our chapter members. 

Whether you’ve already started or had zero programming experience, have a side project, or are searching for a job, come and join us at the Android Study Jam!

We will be working through a curriculum that is offered by Google on Android development. You’ll learn the basics of programming and how to apply those skills to building basic Android apps in the Kotlin programming language. During the course, you will get a general overview of mobile development for Android, learn basic programming concepts as well as core vocabulary and concepts in Android, and understand what opportunities exist for you as an Android programmer. By the end, you will have a collection of apps that you can customize as you desire.

No programming experience is needed! Join us to advance your skills and learn how to build apps. 

Prerequisite: Please make sure to install Android Studio before the workshop begins, so you can take part in the interactive code labs. You can find instructions on how to install it on your device here.



Tuesday, Feb 2
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (GMT)


  • Arijeet Ghosh

    Arijeet Ghosh

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  • Farhan Rashid Nabil

    Farhan Rashid Nabil

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