GDSC UEMK Orientation

Welcoming the community and Onboarding of the Core Team: An intriguing inception to the miraculous leads of GDSC UEMK

About this event

Google Developer Student Clubs, also known as GDSCs, are community groups for college and university students who are interested in Google developer technologies. The GDSC has been reformed at the University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, under the leadership of Megha Paul for the academic year 2022-2023. Students from all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes who want to advance their careers as creators are welcome. One can broaden their curiosity and obtain relevant solutions from their own University peers who are a part of this community.

We wholeheartedly welcome each and every one of you to the onboarding event of GDSC UEMK and are enlightened to bring forward to you, the leads of GDSC UEMK. 

We have

  • Megha Paul - GDSC lead for UEM Kolkata,
  • Jyotirmoy Roy - Student Coordinator,
  • Md. Fuzail - Management Lead,
  • Suvra Shaw - UI/UX Lead,
  • Prasun Das - Web Dev Lead,
  • Samrat Mukherjee - App Dev Lead,
  • Bihan Chakraborty - Competitive Programming Lead,
  • Snehomoy Maitra - Cloud Lead and 
  • Mehuly Chakraborty - AI/ML Lead.