First-hand with Flutter

Join our GDSC App Development Lead for an engaging session of Flutter's fundamentals and the amazing hands-on process of developing cross-platform apps.

About this event

GDSC UEMK is going to organise, an intriguing and engaging workshop on one of the most in-demand technologies of the era i.e. Cross platform App Development using Flutter. Our App Dev Lead the expert Mr. Samrat Mukherjee, who has a marvellous industry experience in Flutter, will be the speaker of the session. He will be taking all our attendees through a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with the fantastic concepts of Flutter and teach that how easily anyone can learn it and come up with their very own mobile applications.

The session will be held in virtual mode on the 29th of January Sunday at from 6:00 to 9:00 pm IST.

Things to be covered in the session:

1. What is flutter

2. Why flutter is easier than native languages

3. Flutter installations

4. Basics of Widgets in Flutter

5. Using Rest API in flutter

6. Firebase with Flutter

7. Hands-on building of a wonderful Mobile App