Google Baithak - "What Makes A Community Tick?" with Muhammad Bilal

The Pilot Episode for Google Baithak - "Google, Hum aur aik cup chai!" Because why not? Our aim is providing you with an innovative and brighter perspective on life, career and sustainability by succesful and aspirational minds from our community. Aur phir chai tou must hai janab! So be ready with your garma garam chai and snacks because this is a conversation you dont want to miss up people!

About this event

The Pilot Episode for Google Baithak: "What Makes A Community Tick?" Get some insight into the importance of community building and how integral it is for your career!

On the speaker:

Muhammad Bilal is a GDSC mentor, been a GDSC Lead in 2021-22 at GDSC COMSATS Attock. He is working as Peer Coding Tutor @ AirClass, and as a Community Associate @ FutureFest. He is a volunteer at Google Developer Groups Islamabad. He is also a Beta Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, and a Certified Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). Worked with Dlision as a junior AI developer in the past.

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