HacktoberFest - Let's contribute to open-source

GDSC UET with ACM-UET and IEEE UET organizing an info session on hacktoberfest and open-source.

About this event

"While free software was meant to force developers to lose sleep over ethical dilemmas, open-source software was meant to end their insomnia."

- Evgery Morozov

Hacktoberfest encourages participation in contributing to the open-source community by opening pull requests, participating in events, and donating to open source projects.

Under the umbrella of UET-ACM Student Chapter with GDSC UET and IEEE UET. we will explore best practices of contribution and ethics of working on Open Source Projects!

Make sure to register yourself at: https://bit.ly/3mdr3bt

All backgrounds and skills are encouraged to take part in this virtual event!