Cloud Deployment of Solutions

About this event

After all the hard work of thinking and working on a solution, its finally time to host your solution on the cloud. Deploying your website on cloud is the last step of working on a solution. Cloud deployment can be difficult and to ensure that you do it the right way Kashif Puri, Engineering Leader at 10pearls will be answering questions related to cloud deployment. Join us today at 7 PM | Google Meet Link:



  • Muhammad Abdullah

    Muhammad Abdullah

    UET, Lahore

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  • Anam Shahzad

    Anam Shahzad

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  • Wali Ahmad

    Wali Ahmad

    UET-CS 26'👨‍🎓 | GDSC Social Media Lead📍 | TA @ UET🔸

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  • Zoya Naveed

    Zoya Naveed

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  • Syed Abdul Rehman

    Syed Abdul Rehman

    Ebryx (Pvt.) Ltd

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    Hammad Ejaz

    Camco Mfg.

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    Syed Noor

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