Data, AI and ML with CloudSeekho

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About this event

What is Data? What is Artificial Intelligence and how does it differ from Machine Learning? 

And how can CloudSeekho help us learn more about these things? 

To find out, join us and our guest, Stephen Wylie who is a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning. We will also be going through how to register for CloudSeekho and get Qwiklabs access and complete an introductory lab.

Links you might want to check out:

Tensorflow: Stephen's Blog post about Tornado with Tensorflow | Tensorflow Hub

Google Cloud: Google Cloud APIs | Cloud AutoML | AI Platform | Cloud Natural Language

ML Kit: ML Kit | ML Kit for Firebase

Others: API | Kaggle | Amazon Mechanical Turk



Wednesday, Sep 30
7:30 PM - 9:20 PM (PKT)