About this event

A Preparation for the massive Open Source Festival "The Hacktober Fest". So to counter that and looking forward to a humongous opportunity coming in October, we are here to brief you about Preptember.

With world advancing so fast technically, open source has become the peer of every developer which helps in walking parallel to their competitors. Preptember Fest, The Readiest Time of the Year also having an alias of "Preparedness month" is celebrated in the month of September that ring bells of opportunities for open source contributors, maintainers, programmers, developers and even beginners all over the world, towards "hactoberfest".

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software hosted by Digital Ocean and sponsored by, Intel and other partners. This carnival is Ideal enough for the growth and bonding of tech community all over the world. You can help drive growth of open source and make positive contributions to an ever-growing community. All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to complete the challenge. So, mark your time from 1st to 31st of October for passing your creativity to the world.

To become part of this fest, you need to have GitHub IDs. GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. A GitHub repository can be used to store a development project. To earn your Hacktoberfest T-Shirt reward, you must register and make four valid pull requests (PRs). PRs can be made to any public repository on GitHub. Be vigilant as first 75,000 participants who successfully complete the challenge will be eligible to receive a prize.

To make this Preptember carnival more interesting we have arranged a fun quiz for you.

Questions might be crossing your mind. Not to worry our experienced Panelists will answer all the queries up to the gauge. 



Wednesday, Sep 30
11:57 AM - 1:27 PM (PKT)