Learn the unreal AR-VR

About this event

DSC planned to bring you an eye-opener of an event, a technology that everyone has used without having proper knowledge of it. DSC brings to you an event centered on emerging AR/VR technology. If you are a technology lover, if you love to explore and exploit the world of technology while taking an in-depth and exclusive look into the world of AR/VR, if you want to match up with the rest of the world who are currently superior due to their advancements in the tech field, you don’t want to miss this event for anything! 


  • Muhammad Abdullah

    Muhammad Abdullah

    UET, Lahore

    GDSC Lead

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  • Anam Shahzad

    Anam Shahzad

    Lead Outreach Team

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  • Wali Ahmad

    Wali Ahmad

    UET-CS 26'👨‍🎓 | GDSC Social Media Lead📍 | TA @ UET🔸

    Lead Social Media Team

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  • Zoya Naveed

    Zoya Naveed

    Lead Creative Team

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  • Syed Abdul Rehman

    Syed Abdul Rehman

    Ebryx (Pvt.) Ltd

    Lead Technical Team

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  • Hammad Ejaz

    Hammad Ejaz

    Camco Mfg.

    Lead Development Team

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  • Syed Noor

    Syed Noor

    Lead Management Team

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