Getting Started with Git and GitHub

School of Business, BS 16 - 1125 Eldoret, 30100 University of Eldoret
Sat, Feb 11, 2:00 PM (EAT)

This session will provide an introduction to Git and GitHub, two of the most popular version control systems and hosting platforms for software development projects. Participants will learn about Git's key features and commands, such as version tracking, branching, and merging, and how to use Git in conjunction with GitHub to manage their code repositories and collaborate with others. Additionally

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About this event

The Introduction to Git and GitHub session is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the popular version control system and collaboration platform. The session begins with a brief history of version control and why it is essential for software development teams. The speaker then introduces Git, explaining what it is and why it has become a crucial tool for developers.

Next, the speaker delves into the basics of Git, starting with the basic Git commands and how to create a local repository. The attendees will learn how to add, commit, and push files to the repository, as well as how to check the history of the repository and revert changes.

The session then focuses on GitHub, explaining what it is and how it is used in the development process. The attendees will learn how to create a GitHub repository and collaborate with other developers, including forking and cloning repositories, creating pull requests, and resolving merge conflicts. The speaker also covers best practices for working with GitHub, such as creating a README file and using GitHub Issues for project management.

The session concludes with a hands-on exercise where the attendees will work together to create a sample project using Git and GitHub. The attendees will learn how to use Git and GitHub in a real-world scenario, including how to collaborate with others and manage the development process effectively.

The Introduction to Git and GitHub session is suitable for developers of all skill levels, including those who are new to version control and collaboration platforms. The session provides a comprehensive understanding of Git and GitHub and is an excellent opportunity for attendees to expand their skills and knowledge in these critical tools.




Saturday, Feb 11
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EAT)


School of Business, BS 16
1125 Eldoret30100