Summer Fellowship and PhD opportunities at Rice University and University of Utah

Learn about Fellowship and PhD opportunities with Serbian and American professors at Rice University and the University of Utah. You will hear about the programs from professors, students who have previously been a part of this journey, and members of the Serbian-American Chamber of Commerce in Houston.

About this event

Serbian-American Chamber of Commerce in Houston (SACCH) and professors from Rice University and the University of Utah are joining us in an event to present you with once-in-a-lifetime career advancement opportunities, along with students who have already taken part in some of their programs.

Every year since 2013, SACCH organizes Computer Science Student Advancement Program (CSSAP), a research program that offers a 3-month summer fellowship at Rice University Computer Science Department, Houston, TX, USA, for undergraduate students currently enrolled in a Computer Science program in Serbia.

Through this program, students get first-hand experience working on a word-class research project in an area of Computer Science of their interest. The students are placed in a dynamic environment, working closely with Rice University faculty members, Ph.D. students, and postdoctoral fellows. Most of the internship projects result in a research paper published in a leading scientific conference or journal, with the student one of the leading authors.

CSSAP has even motivated some students to pursue PhDs at Rice, and you will be able to hear more about research there from professor Zoran Budimlić. You will also get to hear this year's Research Fellow's experiences.
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After hearing all about opportunities at Rice, we will be joined by Nikola Marković, Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, whose research group is doing remarkable things, such as developing a computer vision system to automatically collect aircraft operations data at Utah airports, creating software for routing snowplow trucks in Utah, and working on algorithms to embed resource constraints into optimal learning procedures in the field of Optimization and Data Science.

The following is a video presentation about his PhD programs. If you are interested in doing a PhD at Utah, please watch it prior to the event.

You can also read some of the research his group published, here:

We strongly encourage you to leave any questions you may have for the professor in this Google Form, as the discussion will be based around the questions we receive:




Thursday, Dec 16
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CET)