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About this event

We decided to give back to the community of developers, and share some of our interests, that are not covered by our university courses, to give people incentive to learn more about these inspiring topics such as Web Development, Quantum Computing and Machine Learning.

Asp .NET Core - Make a REST API in 1 hour? 25. 3 18h

Spring and Spring Boot Overview- Why doing things the easy way is always the right choice? 27.3 18h

Quantum Computing - Future or just another research paper? 28.3 18h

[ML] Naive Bayes- Spam filter using Naive Bayes. 1.4 18h

[ML] AI in Games -Can Gamers stand to AI? 2.4 18h

All events will be streamed live on: 




Mar 25 - Apr 2
6:00 PM (CET)