Creativity & Dataflow

Dataflow supercomputing paradigm. Creativity course ( introduction.

Oct 21, 2020, 12:00 – 1:00 PM



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About this event

Creativity course ( introduction - course similar to MIT course of the same name, available from the spring 2021. at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. This course is organized around the creativity needed to implement a 100-billion-transitor chip, acting as a supercomputer for Machine Learning, to include:

  • 4 Intel-like CPUs
  • 4000 NVidia-like GPUs
  • 1 GoogleTPU-like Systolic Array, and
  • 1 FPGA-based Reconfigurable DataFlow engine.
After the introductory notes about the course,
a tutorial is given on DataFlow SuperSomputing!

Prof. Veljko M. Milutinovic

Life Fellow of the IEEE.

Life Member of the ACM SIGARCH.

A Founding Member of The Serbian National Academy of Engineering.

Foreign Member of The Montenegro National Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Member and Honorary Treasurer of The Academy of Europe, London, United Kingdom.

Invited Industrial Lectures: NASA, JPL, LLNL, BNL, IBM, HP, Intel, Sun, Fairchild, Honeywell, etc.

Industrial Consulting: ATT, AeroSpace, ElectroSpace, RCA, NCR, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Encore, etc.

Invited University Lectures: Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Temple, Harvard, MIT, USC, UCLA, ETH, EPFL, etc.

University Teaching: Purdue University, University of Indiana in Bloomington, FIU, UNIWIE, TUWIEN, FRI, etc.

His book "Surviving the Design of a 200MH RISC Microprocessor" was a Best Seller of IEEE CS PRESS in 1990's.

He got a Best Paper Award at IEEE/ACM HICSS-1986 for a Systolic Array with 4096 200MHz GaAs Microprocessors.

He is a Co-Laureate of the 2012-2014 Single IET Premium Award for Computers and Digital Techniques (DataFlowFPGA).

His 2019 Opening Keynote at the Annual EMiT Conference of IET Sets R+D Directions for DataFlow in the postFPGA Era.


  • Veljko Milutinović

    University of Indiana


  • Miljan Đorđević

    University of Belgrade



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