Google Solution Challenge Kickoff 2023

University of Bamrenda - ENS street Bamenda, unknown - View Map University of Bamenda
Sun, Jan 15, 1:00 PM (WAT)

About this event

The Google Solution Challenge (GSC) is a competition for university students to develop and present innovative solutions to real-world problems using Google's technologies. The competition is typically organized by Google and hosted at various universities around the world.

In the GSC, teams of students work together to identify a problem in their community or industry, and then use Google's tools and technologies to develop a solution. This could include things like creating a mobile app, developing a website, or building a machine learning model.

The competition typically involves several rounds, starting with a proposal phase where teams submit their ideas. Selected teams then move on to the development phase, where they work to build and refine their solutions. Finally, teams present their solutions to a panel of judges, who evaluate the projects based on criteria such as innovation, impact, and technical execution.

Overall, the GSC is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience with Google's technologies and to showcase their problem-solving skills to a wide audience.


Sunday, Jan 15
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (WAT)


University of Bamrenda
ENS street Bamendaunknown