"GDSC Lead Experience: Reflections and Insights for Future Leaders"

University of Bahrain
Mon, May 1, 8:00 PM (GMT+3)

In this event, the outgoing GDSC lead will share their experiences leading a chapter, providing valuable advice and insights to future GDSC leaders. Attendees will gain practical knowledge and inspiration for their own leadership journeys.

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About this event

The "GDSC Lead Experience: Reflections and Insights for Future Leaders" event is an informal session where the outgoing GDSC lead from a respected university shares their accomplishments, journey, and insights with the attendees. The session is designed to encourage more students to join GDSC and get involved in the technology community on their campus.

During the session, the GDSC lead will share some of their notable accomplishments during their tenure as the lead of the club. They will also talk about their journey and the challenges they faced during their time as a GDSC lead. Additionally, they will share insights about time formation, which is the process of forming a team and managing time effectively. 

Special thanks to the Speaker for their valuable time!