Flutter Fundamentals (DS Day - 7)

University of Bahrain
Sun, Mar 19, 9:00 PM (GMT+3)

Join us to learn more about Flutter and how it can be used to build robust and beautiful applications across different platforms!

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About this event

Flutter Fundamentals (DS Day - 7) event in our 8 day Design Sprint 2 Series created to promote a better understanding of Visual and Product Design.

Speaker: Pius Sunday Ojwo


  1. Flutter Fundamentals ( Widgets, State, Layouts, Navigations )
  2. Use Cases of Flutter ( Mobile , Web and Desktop Apps , Embedded Systems )
  3. Best Practices in Flutter Development
  • Writing a Clean code
  •  Code Reusability
  •  Consistent UI design
  •  Proper State Management
  •  Performance Optimization
  •  Testing and Debugging
     4. Examples of Flutter Apps

     5. Resources for Learning Flutter