Web development Workshop

University Of Abuja
Sun, Jan 22, 8:00 PM (WAT)

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About this event

A web development workshop is a training event or class that teaches individuals how to create and maintain websites. This can include topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web design principles, as well as hands-on experience building websites using these technologies. Some workshops may also cover more advanced topics such as web application development, server-side programming, and database management. The format of a web development workshop can vary, but it may include lectures, hands-on coding exercises, and group projects.


  • Mubarak Shuaib Olasunkanmi

    Mubarak Shuaib Olasunkanmi


    GDSC Lead

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  • Christiana Osun

    Christiana Osun

    Co-lead, Communications & content lead

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  • Onyedikachi Benjamin Ogbonna

    Onyedikachi Benjamin Ogbonna

    Co-Lead, lead Program Manager

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  • Okpowe Collins

    Okpowe Collins

    Lead, Media & Design

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  • KUFORIJI Ibrahim

    KUFORIJI Ibrahim

    Titan Inc

    Team Member, Learning & Development

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  • egunleti opeyemi

    egunleti opeyemi

    Team Member, Program Management

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  • Afolabi Maryam

    Afolabi Maryam

    Team Lead, Data Science

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  • Ameerah Garba

    Ameerah Garba

    Member Data Science

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