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University Institute of Technology, RGPV - Bhopal, India

Android Study Jams are a series of study groups, workshops or sessions organized and facilitated by a GDSC campus for their students to kick start their learning on Modern Android Application Development using Kotlin. Students will learn how to develop their very own beautiful & functional Android apps.

Dec 1, 2021, 1:30 – 3:00 PM

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About this event

Excited about Android development but never knew how to begin? GDSC UIT RGPV, Bhopal is here for your rescue. We are bringing you the opportunity to learn the most eminent technology, The Android.

With GDSC's very own "Android Study Jams" and the authentic content provided by Google itself. So get ready to go from beginner to professional Android developer in 6 weeks.

Android Study Jams are community-organized study groups for people to learn how to build Android apps in the Kotlin programming language, using a curriculum provided by Google.

The session is aimed at providing an introduction to Android and teaching you the fundamentals of programming in Kotlin. This session will give you a hands-on deep dive into the fundamentals of Android Development.

During the course, you will get a general overview of mobile development for Android, learn basic programming concepts as well as core vocabulary and concepts in Android, get hands-on experience building a small app using the Kotlin language, and understand what opportunities exist for you in the vibrant tech scene as an Android programmer.

📚Timeline of the program: 29th Nov'2021 - 10th Jan' 2022

Android Study Jam Registration Form:

⏰ Last date of Registration: Dec 1, 2021

Track for Android Study Jams: Android Basics in Kotlin course

Who can apply? 🤔

Anyone interested in learning android development can apply, no prior experience is required!

What's in it for you?🤨

✨Learn basic fundamentals of Android

✨Earn Google Developer's profile badges

✨Get the certificate of completion

✨Get ready for Associate Android Developer Exam and get "ASSOCIATE ANDROID DEVELOPER CERTIFICATE" with reimbursement of 80% of total certification fee.

✨ Build real-world Android Apps with team

✨Stand a chance to feature your app by Google

🤩 Know more by Joining the Android Study Jam Introductory session on 1 Dec 2021 at 7:00 PM.

Finally, you're watch is over and it's your time to shine out your brightest in the field you desire. So let's jam it up!


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