Demystifying Open Source

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Hey folks!!!!✨

GDSC UIT RGPV is back again with an opportunity to attend an interactive session about open source.

Are you excited to know more about it????

⚡Demystifying Open Source⚡

⚡Demystifying Open Source⚡

Open Source is for everyone, but a lot of things revolve around open source that needs to be demystified. It's time we talk about things happening around open source and get them demystified.

We'll also talk about Google Summer of Code. GSoC is a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development.

You get more exposure contributing to open source projects and you learn a lot about the open-source culture and community. You get the chance to interact with the greatest developers in the world.


- Vraj Desai, GSOC @Oppia Foundation, GitHub Campus Expert.

- Ankur Gupta, Host, Co-Founder @Semikolan, GDSC UIT RGPV Lead, GitHub Campus Expert.

The session is on 16 Oct, 5 PM Onwards

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