Code Adept 5.0 | Special Webinar

About this event

Hey People, ✨

Perplexed about strategies and making your way to the top in CodeAdept??👀

Don't worry, CodeAdept 5.0 is here organizing a special webinar🤩 for our enthusiastic audience to get them introduced to the significance of aptitude and reasoning, not only for coders but also for those seeking opportunities, and guiding you on strategies for progressing as a coder and landing good placements.

Join this webinar exclusively presented by CodeAdept in collaboration with GDSC UIT RGPV on 16th January 2022 to get better insights and approaches to the competition. 😌😌

Webinars to be conducted in the following stages:

1. Aptitude and Reasoning: Mrs. Shruti Bansal Goyal at 11:30 am.

2. Code Evolution: Mr. Shubham Agrawal at 12:00 pm.