I/O Extended Google Developer Student Club UIET Panjab University

About this event

Google I/O Extended is a series of community-led tech meetups that bring the knowledge and excitement of Google I/O to developers on a city level, all around the globe. Google I/O Extended events are typically held in the days leading up to or following Google I/O, and they feature a variety of talks, workshops, and activities related to Google's latest developer products and technologies.

Google I/O Extended events are a great opportunity for developers to learn about the latest Google technologies, to network with other developers, and to get help and support from Google experts.

If you're a developer who is interested in learning more about Google's latest technologies, I encourage you to be a part of this great event.

Here are some of the benefits of attending a Google I/O Extended event:

Learn about the latest Google technologies

Network with other developers

Get help and support from Google experts

Have fun and meet new people

Feel free to contact us on :- dsc.uiet.pu@gmail.com