Tech Workshop: Linux Basics, Git/Github, Open Source

DSC UIET and the Programming Club of UIET are coming together to do what they do best: teach technologies. With 3 sessions on 3 days, covering Linux basics, all about Git & Github, and providing info about how to contribute to open source, this workshop can be really insightful for beginners in programming. Join us for some incredible learning!

About this event

💡 3 Day Tech Workshop || DSC UIET x P Club

We have planned 3 sessions from 13th-15th January 2021, focusing on Linux, Git/Github, and Contributing to Open Source. We'll also be sharing a roadmap for entering Google Summer of Code (GSoC) - the most coveted open-source program in the world. Take a look at the agenda at the bottom of the page for more info.

The sessions are open to everyone - any college, any stream, any year. And it's free as always!

Register now, we hope to see you there 🌻