Architecting a Scalable System

About this event

Have you ever wondered how massive digital systems are built to run flawlessly, day in and day out? It's all thanks to the magic of technical architecture - the mysterious force that powers the digital world.

GDSC UCEK is ready to gather everyone together to display how our cutting-edge technology can push boundaries and result in amazing products!

Day 2

✨Architecting a Scalable System✨

We are pleased to present our speaker for this session, Mr. Abhinand C, who works as a Product Engineer at UST. He is highly enthusiastic about technology and proficient in software development. Additionally, his passion for graphic design helps drive his commitment to creating an improved future.

📆 Date: 24th March, 2023

🕡 Time: 7 PM onwards

💻 Venue: Google Meet

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