Welcome Day

This session is a welcoming session to all the members who are joining our club and to give them a big review of our club structure and departments and our future events, sessions and workshops .

About this event

Dear our new members we'd like to welcome you by this session introducing to you our club and its structure and departments, You will get to meet your peers and what each department is preparing for you .

We are excited and happy to include you , enjoy your time networking and most importantly stick to our code of conduct !!



Tuesday, Mar 7
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (CET)


  • Radjaa Larbi

    Radjaa Larbi

    GDSC Lead

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  • Messous Azedine

    Messous Azedine

    ML Department Lead

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    National Polytechnic school of Oran

    ML Department Co-Lead

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  • Chaima Nouar

    Chaima Nouar

    ML Department member .

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  • abdelouhab yacine

    abdelouhab yacine


    Organizers Department Lead

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  • Fatima zohra Seghier

    Fatima zohra Seghier

    Organizers Department member

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  • Mohammed Raouf HADJI

    Mohammed Raouf HADJI

    Security Department Lead

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  • Abdellatif Kebraoui

    Abdellatif Kebraoui

    Big Data Department Lead

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  • Hanaa REZKI

    Hanaa REZKI

    Big Data Department member

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  • Wass Boussebha

    Wass Boussebha

    DevOps Department Lead

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  • hamnouche houcine

    hamnouche houcine

    DevOps Department member

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  • Johanna Myriam Ali-khodja

    Johanna Myriam Ali-khodja


    External Relationships Department Lead

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  • Belkacem Touil

    Belkacem Touil

    Mobile Dev Department Lead

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  • Mohammed Derni

    Mohammed Derni

    Mobile Dev Department member

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  • AMEUR AMEUR Abdelkader

    AMEUR AMEUR Abdelkader

    Mobile Dev Department member

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  • Merah Mokhtar

    Merah Mokhtar

    The Footix

    Visual Content Strategist

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  • Mounib Nemmiche

    Mounib Nemmiche

    École Nationale Polytechnique d'Oran

    Design Department Lead

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  • Torki Amira Meriem

    Torki Amira Meriem


    Design Department member

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  • Nourelhouda MOSTEFAOUI

    Nourelhouda MOSTEFAOUI

    Design Department member

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  • Zakaria Razik

    Zakaria Razik

    Film Maker

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  • Ouahiba Ahmid

    Ouahiba Ahmid


    Web Dev Department Lead

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  • Mokadem Amel Achgane

    Mokadem Amel Achgane

    Web Dev Department member

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  • Chaki Ridouane Allah Mohammed

    Chaki Ridouane Allah Mohammed

    Web Dev Department member

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