About this event

This session is organized between GDSC USTO-MB members and  GDSC UDBKM members

- All members will introduce themselves, their department and the issue that they are having to organise an event or do a certain task.

- The core team members will share their experience, provide some advice and answer some questions...

- We will host at our session, a leader in Egypt and she will talk about the solution challenge (the solution challenge is the Global Annual Google Competition that invites all Google Developer Student Club members (including you!) to develop solutions to real-world problems using Google technologies).

- More networking and exchange of links.



  • Radjaa Larbi

    Radjaa Larbi

    GDSC Lead

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  • Messous Azedine

    Messous Azedine

    ML Department Lead

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  • Abdellatif Kebraoui

    Abdellatif Kebraoui

    Big Data Department Lead

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    National Polytechnic school of Oran

    ML Department Co-Lead

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  • Mohammed Raouf HADJI

    Mohammed Raouf HADJI

    Security Department Lead

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  • abdelouhab yacine

    abdelouhab yacine

    Organizers Department Lead

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  • Mounib Nemmiche

    Mounib Nemmiche

    GDSC USTO MB, École Nationale Polytechnique d'Oran

    Designers Department Lead

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  • hamnouche houcine

    hamnouche houcine

    DevOps Department Lead

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  • Johanna Myriam Ali-khodja

    Johanna Myriam Ali-khodja


    External Relationships Department Lead

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  • Hanaa REZKI

    Hanaa REZKI

    Big Data Department Co-Lead

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  • Belkacem Touil

    Belkacem Touil

    Mobile-Dev Department Lead

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  • Chaima Nouar

    Chaima Nouar

    ML Department member .

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