Flutter Engage : Let's Talk

This session will be an introduction to the flutter engage series hosted by our experienced instructor Abdeldjalil Chougui who will be teaching you the basics and fundamentals of flutter that you will be using in the next workshops to build your own flutter app from scratch.

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About this event

📌In this First session of the Flutter Engage Series, our instructor will cover essential concepts in Flutter for beginners. Attendees will gain a solid understanding of Flutter and be ready to start building their own apps, have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with the speaker, as well as network with their peers.

📌Make sure to download and install flutter before joining, link for the instructions to install flutter: https://docs.flutter.dev/get-started/install



  • Radjaa Larbi

    Radjaa Larbi

    GDSC Lead

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  • Messous Azedine

    Messous Azedine

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    National Polytechnic school of Oran

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  • Chaima Nouar

    Chaima Nouar

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  • abdelouhab yacine

    abdelouhab yacine


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  • Fatima zohra Seghier

    Fatima zohra Seghier

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  • Mohammed Raouf HADJI

    Mohammed Raouf HADJI

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  • Abdellatif Kebraoui

    Abdellatif Kebraoui

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  • Hanaa REZKI

    Hanaa REZKI

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  • Wass Boussebha

    Wass Boussebha

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  • hamnouche houcine

    hamnouche houcine

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  • Johanna Myriam Ali-khodja

    Johanna Myriam Ali-khodja


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  • Merah Mokhtar

    Merah Mokhtar

    The Footix

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  • Mounib Nemmiche

    Mounib Nemmiche

    École Nationale Polytechnique d'Oran

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  • Torki Amira Meriem

    Torki Amira Meriem


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  • Nourelhouda MOSTEFAOUI

    Nourelhouda MOSTEFAOUI

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  • Zakaria Razik

    Zakaria Razik


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  • Ouahiba Ahmid

    Ouahiba Ahmid


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  • Mokadem Amel Achgane

    Mokadem Amel Achgane

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  • Chaki Ridouane Allah Mohammed

    Chaki Ridouane Allah Mohammed


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  • Naima Boukhiar

    Naima Boukhiar


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  • Belkacem Touil

    Belkacem Touil

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  • Mohammed Derni

    Mohammed Derni

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  • Abderrahmane Benhariga

    Abderrahmane Benhariga

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