10 Days of Code Hackthon

Mfetom - Université des Montagnes, Campus de Mfetom Bangangté, CMR-208 - View Map Université des Montagnes
Mar 5 - 18, 11:30 PM (WAT)

About this event


10 Days of code hackathon is a hackathon organised for students of the GDSC Université des Montages who took part in the 30 Days of Code bootcamp. During this hackathon, students are expected to propose solutions to concrete problems encountered by the Cameroonian population, whether at the societal or governmental level. One of the constraints of this hackathon is that the proposed solution must use at least one of the following four tools: Python, Nodejs, Angular, Flutter.

This hackathon is an opportunity for students who have taken part in the 30 Days of Code bootcamp to compete in a competitive environment where your opponents try to be the best in order to win a prize. As a beginner in the world of software development this is an incredible opportunity and a chance to learn.

Course of action

On the first day of the hackthon, the hackathon is introduced and the steps of the hackathon are presented to the students. They are then invited to form teams with other students who have taken part in the 30 Days of Code bootcamp and have at least one skill from Python, Flutter, Angular, Nodejs. Then secondly to brainstorm project ideas.

On the second day, the formed teams propose one or more project ideas. The project ideas that respond to real problems encountered by the people of Cameroon are selected and each team chooses only one project. Teams that do not have a project idea will propose other project ideas or will be allocated a project idea.

During the next 10 days the teams work on their projects and submit them by day 11.

On the 11th day, the solutions proposed by the different teams are tested.

On the 12th day, the different teams defend their projects and the winners are announced.


The winners are awarded and certificates are presented.



March 5 - 18
11:30 PM (WAT)


Université des Montagnes, Campus de Mfetom BangangtéCMR-208