GDSC UB Advent of Code 2022

Easy and fun programming problems with a cute narrative to have a great christmas programming journey!

Dec 1, 2022, 5:00 AM – Dec 25, 2022, 10:45 PM



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About this event

As it is tradition, this year we will host a private leaderboard and encourage all students from our university to participate to this year's advent of code.

The advent of code is an event organized between programmers in which every day from the 1st to the 25th December a programming problem is posted on the official site

Solving problems grants stars and solving them fast grants points, will you be able to reach the top of the leaderboard?

Once again, we encourage all students to participate on this event. It is not necessary to solve all of the problems and you can drop out at anytime, don't feel forced to continue until the end, we know you are busy with finals coming up! But the first ones are usually easy and it can be a good way to practice, especially for the computer science students.

The code to join the private leaderboard is 1621551-c4439ebb. To join a private leaderbord simply navigate to the [Leaderboard] tab in the official site and insert the previous code. You will have to register using github or google. 

You can also join our discord if you are having trouble with one of the problems, a kind soul might help you solve it!


  • Noah Marquez Vara

    GDSC Lead

  • Alejandro Guzman Requena

    GDSC Lead

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