Introduction to Data Analytics with Pandas

Universität Bayreuth
Thu, Jan 12, 6:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Do you like to travel? Are you having a hard time looking at the excessive prices of hotel

rooms? In the most recent years, an alternative to classical hotels emerged. There's a

company which focuses on pairing up people looking for an accommodation and another

party having a spare room: Airbnb.

Let's say, you want to visit Berlin and plan to stay overnight. Where are most

accommodations listed within Berlin? Are there districts more expensive than others? How

much more expensive are apartments in comparison to a single room? Over the course of

the year, are there times with peaks in tourism that I can avoid if I don't like crowds? How

does the pandemic in 2020 affect the Airbnb?

We've got a data set in store to answer these questions and many more. Check in on our

Data Analytics Event presented by Method Park by UL and let us give you insights on how

powerful Data Analytics can be. Attendees will also get a participation certificate which

might come in handy for your Data Science career.

We will use data-science to answer our and your questions!