Frontend Web Study Jam : Getting Started With Vue.js

Laboratorium Teknologi Informasi dan Aplikasi (TIA), Lab eksak Lt.3 - Jln. Raya Tellang, Kamal, Bangkalan Bangkalan, 69153 - View Map Universitas Trunojoyo Madura
Sat, Dec 10, 2022, 1:00 PM (WIB)

In this topic, we will learn together how to create a basic web, style the web using CSS, and advanced styling using bootstrap. We will also learn how to implement web functionality using javascript and the vue.js framework. The purpose of this section is to create a portfolio website that is both interactive and functional.

About this event

Frontend Web Study Jam is an agenda that we can learn together about frontend technology which is cover the fundamental, styling, and functionality

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Saturday, Dec 10
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (WIB)


Laboratorium Teknologi Informasi dan Aplikasi (TIA), Lab eksak Lt.3
Jln. Raya Tellang, Kamal, Bangkalan Bangkalan69153


  • Adi Masmudi

    Adi Masmudi

    Universitas Trunojoyo Madura

    GDSC Lead

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    Academic in Charge - UI/UX

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    Media & Creative Designer

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  • Hesa Firdaus

    Hesa Firdaus

    Event Organizer

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  • Nicola Yanni Alivant

    Nicola Yanni Alivant

    Academic in Charge - Android

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  • 10_Raihan Azi Wibisono Wibisono

    10_Raihan Azi Wibisono Wibisono

    External Affair

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  • Moch. Rizki Aji Santoso

    Moch. Rizki Aji Santoso

    Universitas Trunojoyo

    CO of External Affair

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  • Muhammad Kurnia Sani

    Muhammad Kurnia Sani

    Academic in Charge - Data Analytics

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  • Sukron Chafidhi

    Sukron Chafidhi

    Academic in Charge - Machine Learning

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  • Tsaqib Abyan

    Tsaqib Abyan

    Academic in Charge - Cloud

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  • Putri Lailatul Maghfiroh

    Putri Lailatul Maghfiroh

    CO of Event Organizer

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  • Mohammad Ahsanul Awwalyn

    Mohammad Ahsanul Awwalyn

    Event Organizer

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  • Wahyu Cahyanto Bayu Agung

    Wahyu Cahyanto Bayu Agung

    Academic in Charge - Web

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  • 21-074_ Risma Ramadhaningtias

    21-074_ Risma Ramadhaningtias

    Event Organizer

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  • Mukhammad Syaifuddin

    Mukhammad Syaifuddin

    External Affair

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  • Sayyidi Makhdum

    Sayyidi Makhdum

    Media & Creative Designer

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  • Andrian Dwi Baitur Rizky

    Andrian Dwi Baitur Rizky

    CO of Academic in Charge

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  • Aurelia Putri Yasmine

    Aurelia Putri Yasmine

    CO of Media & Creative Designer

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