Building Deep Learning Models Using TensorFlow

Universitas Sriwijaya
Apr 17 - 18, 2:30 PM (WIB)

TensorFlow, an open-source library developed by Google, took a massive part in the world of machine learning, especially deep learning which we will be specifically talking about in this event. “Building Deep Models Using TensorFlow” brought to you by GDSC UNSRI!

About this event

Have you ever wondered how computer see, understanding human language, predicting weather? Computer can do all of those things because of deep learning. What is it? In this workshop you will know about it. There are no prerequisites for this workshop, so if you have interest in Machine Learning or AI, this workshop is suitable for you, go on and RSVP for this event!

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April 17 - 18
2:30 PM (WIB)


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