Study Jam Series : UI/UX Design #4 Showcase Project

About this event

In this series, members will learn knowledge from the current trend in tech from mentors. Study with peers and let's learn together with GDSC UPN "Veteran" Jawa Timur!



  • Mochamad Suhri Ainur Rifky

    Mochamad Suhri Ainur Rifky

    GDSC Lead

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  • Joni Bastian

    Joni Bastian

    Head of Community Development - Machine Learning

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  • Catur Arpal Perkasa

    Catur Arpal Perkasa

    Community Development - Back End Developer

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  • Rohmat Ubaidillah Fahmi

    Rohmat Ubaidillah Fahmi

    Community Development - Mobile Developer

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  • Moh Azzam Priyanto

    Moh Azzam Priyanto

    Community Development - Website Developer

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  • Arsya Amalia Ristias

    Arsya Amalia Ristias

    Head of Partnership Development

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  • Wanda Gustrifa

    Wanda Gustrifa

    Partnership Development

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  • 057 Ahmad Hilman D

    057 Ahmad Hilman D

    Head of Media and Creative

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  • Angela Lisanthoni

    Angela Lisanthoni

    Media and Creative

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  • Muhammad Alfian Sendhy Ramadhinata

    Muhammad Alfian Sendhy Ramadhinata

    Event Operations

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  • Aufa Ardilla

    Aufa Ardilla

    Event Operations

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  • Jose Bagus Ramadhan

    Jose Bagus Ramadhan

    Event Operations