Info Session: Ask Everything About GDSC Matana University

Introduction to GDSC Matana University and GDSC Membership Information

Oct 26, 2022, 8:00 – 10:00 AM



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About this event

GDSC's Info Session kindles your mind to think beyond the box and gives you the freedom to explore. It's the ultimate source for interaction, sharing experiences, and achieving more together. We look forward to exchanging fresh ideas and creative approaches toward development and networking!

Our Facilitator

πŸ—£ Speaker:

Robert Theo (Lead of GDSC Matana University 2022/2023)

πŸ—£ MC/Moderator:

Verio Aberossy R (Lead of Event and Program 2022/2023)

Our Agenda:

πŸŸ₯ What is GDSC?

🟧 Meet our team

🟨 How to become a member

🟩 Benefits of being a member

🟦 Our Activities

πŸŸͺ QnA

🟫 Photo Session

What will you get at GDSC Matana University?🧐

⭐ Improve your skill, get an opportunity to learn, and teach each other.

⭐ Meet students interested in developer technologies and accelerate global networks.

⭐ Get a chance to get your blogs/projects/stories showcased on our social handles, website, and the official GDSC.

⭐ Get a member badge in google developers profile, e-certificate, and many more.

What benefits of becoming a member? 🀝

πŸ’« Improve your skills, get an opportunity to learn, and teach each other.

πŸ’« Get recognized for your efforts, monthly top performers (something like this is being planned, stay tuned.

πŸ’« A really Strong point in your Resume/CV: "A member of the Google Developer Clubs"

πŸ’« Get a chance to get your blogs/projects/stories showcased on our social handles, website, and the official GDSC handles.

πŸ’« Get a Certificate and Member Badge in Google Developers Profile

Are you ready to be part of us?

Don't forget to join us on :

πŸ—“οΈ : Wednesday, 26 October 2022

⏰ : 15.00 - 17.00 WIB

πŸ“ : Youtube

So what are you waiting for? Save the date and we're waiting for you !!

Drop your question at:

Don't forget to join on Discord Server on the link below :


  • Robert Theo

    GDSC Lead Matana University

  • Verio Aberossy R

    Matana University

    Lead of Curriculum Google DSC


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  • Nico Abel Laia


    GDSC Lead

  • Jose Ryu Leonesta


  • Ary Budi Warsito

    Faculty Advisor

  • Sabrina Yose


  • Veronica Yose


  • Verio Aberossy Renedominick

    Curriculum Lead

  • Yonathan Arya Dhamma

    Community Development Lead

  • Nicolas Setiawan

    Events & Program Lead

  • Andreas Adventus Bayu

    Media Creative Lead

  • Eveline Valencia Anthony

    Member Of Curriculum

  • Jullius Celvin

    Member Of Community Development

  • Marco Suteja

    Member Of Events & Program

  • Jerik George

    Member of Media Creative

  • Yesaya Abraham Timotius

    Member of Events & Program

  • Michael Juferson Balla Tangkilisan

    Member of Media Creative

  • Bryan Lefrans Simarmata

    Member of Media Creative

  • Jeriko Ichtus Seo

    Member of Curriculum

  • Fiola Arta Glorya Saranani


    Member of Community Development

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