The Twist and Turns of Being a Leader GDSC UG: NgabubuTalk #5

Universitas Gunadarma
Tue, Apr 18, 4:15 PM (WIB)

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✨ The Twist and Turns of Being a Leader GDSC UG✨

🎙️ Speakers

1. Tangguh D. Pramono (Founder & Lead GDSC UG 2019)

2. Adam Rozaq Sobari (Lead GDSC UG 2020)

3. Abadi Suryo Setiyo (Lead GDSC UG 2021)

4. Muhammad Alfaiz Khisma Authar (Lead GDSC UG 2022)


• Date : Tuesday, April 18 2023

• Time : 16.20 - 17.15 WIB (ngabuburit time)

• Platform : Google Meeting

📌 Note: After the RSPV, the online event platform link will be sent via Google DSC Gunadarma email 1 day before the event starts, the link will be sent to each audience email.

So what are you waiting for! Start here If you are asking yourself and you still don't know about building a healthy organization in technology, struggle to become a leader and define the best role that is right for your future in the world of technology. Let's hear from the leaders' point of view, and learn everything thoroughly!

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Tuesday, Apr 18
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM (WIB)