Fundamentals of Cloud Engineering: Introduction to Docker

Universitas Gunadarma
Mon, Mar 13, 7:45 PM (WIB)

Hello, Changemakers👋 Welcome to our Cloud Engineer Weekly Class 2023! In this class, we will learn about fundamental cloud engineering in a fun learning environment. Let's sign yourself up and start your fun learning experience with us!

About this event


Hello, Changemakers!✨

Weekly Class is a GDSC Universitas Gunadarma program that meets once a week with a different focus each month. This event will hold three workshops, followed by a webinar or tech talk at the end of the month. Everything from the basic concept to applying the concept will be taught and explored. You will also organize and format code for readability.

Mentor :

🔉 Muhammad Rifqi Al Furqon (Cloud Engineer Division Supervisor)

🔉 Muhammad Alfaiz Khisma Authar (Lead GDSC UG 2022-2023)


- Applicable knowledge of Fundamental Cloud Engineering

- Community, connections, and learning resources

- E-certificate

🗓️Schedule Date:

Week 1: Linux Automation with Bash Scripting

- Monday, 6th March 2023 (7.45 - 10 pm)

Week 2: Introduction to Docker

- Monday, 13th March 2023 (7.45 - 10 pm)

Register as a member and reserve the limited seats!


Please follow the steps given in this link below before the class started: 

📝Make sure you complete the registration, max D-1, each time before the event begins. We encourage you to meet all of the courses to receive the e-certificate.

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