Creating RAG Applications with Gemini, Langchain &Chroma Vector Database

Hello, Changemakers👋🏼 Welcome to Machine Learning Weekly Class 2024! In this class, we will learn about Basic Concepts and Recent Applications Machine Learning in a fun learning environment. Let's sign yourself up and start your fun learning experience with us! 🚀

May 24, 12:45 – 3:00 PM



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Machine Learning

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Hello, Changemakers!✨👋🏻

Weekly Class is a GDSC program at Gunadarma University which is held once a week with a different focus every month. This month's Machine Learning & AI Weekly Class with the theme "Exploring the World of Machine Learning: Basic Concepts and Recent Applications" is held three times a week/meeting. The topic of this first week's class is How AutoML is Changing the Game


🗣 Hilmi Reza Muhammad (Machine Learning Division Supervisor)

🗣 Muhammad Raqwan Kauthar (Machine Learning Division Core Team)


- Knowledge of Machine Learning & AI

- Community, connections, and learning resources

- E-certificate


Topic 3: "Creating RAG Applications with Gemini, Langchain &Chroma Vector Database"

• Date : Friday, 24th May 2024

• Time : 7.45 pm - 10 pm

🔗 Platform : Zoom Meeting

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Make sure you complete the registration, max D-1, each time before the event begins. We encourage you to meet all of the courses to receive the e-certificate. So what are you waiting for? Start here. If you ask yourself and still don't know about Machine Learning. Let's learn directly from experienced mentors, and explore everything thoroughly!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at, Discord, or our Instagram at @gdscug.

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  • Affa Alfiandy

    GDSC Lead

  • Hilmi Reza Muhammad

    Machine Learning Supervisor

  • Muhammad Raqwan Kauthar

    Gunadarma University

    Machine Learning

  • Faishal Zufari

    Gunadarma University

    Web Development Supervisor

  • Nurhuda Joantama Putra

    Web Development

  • Aisyah Mukti Pratiwi

    Web Development

  • Abdurrahman Sembiring

    Mobile Development Supervisor

  • Muhammad Adam Abdurrahman

    Mobile Development

  • Ariel Setyawan

    Product Management Supervisor

  • Raihan Pramuditama

    Product Management

  • Lutfiyah Wulan Kamila

    Media Creative Supervisor

  • Nabila Khyarotunnisa

    Gunadarma University

    Media Creative

  • Vino Alif Rafli

    Media Creative

  • Ira Damayanti


    Management & Administration Supervisor

  • Zahra Adinda Yaskur

    Gunadarma University

    Management & Administration

  • Ghina Desrizkymalia Zahirah

    Gunadarma University

    Management & Administration

  • Lilis Apriyani

    Partnership & Public Relation Supervisor

  • Abisola Sang Lintang

    Partnership & Public Relation

  • Sabrina Azka Zibrija

    Partnership & Public Relation

  • sasya rheina

    Supervisor Event Manager

  • 2EA06_Lelyta Ayu Andini

    Event Manager

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