Road to Frontend Developer #3: Frontend Development Framework Bootstrap Crash Course

Universitas Esa Unggul
Sat, Jan 7, 1:00 PM (WIB)

This is the 3rd workshop of One month intense learning series about "Road to Become Frontend Developer". In this workshop, we will discuss the topic about "Frontend Development Framework: Bootstrap Crash course".

About this event

[IMPORTANT - This event is just for GDSC Esa Unggul University Member Only]


Hi, Folks!

Here we have something special for you!

Do you interested in web development area? Want to become a web developer? If so, let's join our one month intense learning series about "Road to Become Frontend Web Developer" . In this event, you will go for the 1st workshop, which will cover the topic of "Frontend Development Framework: Bootstrap Crash Course".

Save the date!

Date : Saturday, 7th January 2023

Time : 13.00 PM - end (WIB)

Place : Zoom meeting

*The video conference link will be sent to your email later


- Naufal Fadhilah Alwan - Frontend Web Development Core Team at GDSC UEU

Sounds interesting, right?

Registration Link will be sent through Discord and Email, so please check it out!

Benefits you can get:

- Dicoding Token

- E-Certificate (After completing 1 month intense learning frontend web series)

- Cool rewards (for winner in project showcase)

- Knowledge & experience

- Networking

Note that this event is just for Member of GDSC UEU

Can't wait to greet and have fun with all of you at this event, see yaa!