Road to Frontend Developer #1: Introduction to Basic HTML+CSS

Universitas Esa Unggul
Sat, Dec 17, 2022, 1:00 PM (WIB)

This is the 1st workshop of One month intense learning series about "Road to Become Frontend Developer". In this workshop, we will discuss the beginner topic about "Introduction to Basic HTML + CSS".

About this event

[IMPORTANT - This event is just for GDSC Esa Unggul University Member Only]


Hi, Folks!

Here we have something special for you!

Do you interested in web development area? Want to become a web developer? If so, let's join our one month intense learning series about "Road to Become Frontend Web Developer" . In this event, you will go for the 1st workshop, which will cover the topic of "Introduction to Basic HTML + CSS".

Save the date!

Date : Saturday, 17th December 2022

Time : 13.00 PM - end (WIB)

Place : Zoom meeting

*The video conference link will be sent to your email later


- Naufal Fadhilah Alwan - Frontend Web Development Core Team at GDSC UEU

Sounds interesting, right?

Registration Link will be sent through Discord and Email, so please check it out!

Benefits you can get:

- Dicoding Token

- E-Certificate (After completing 1 month intense learning frontend web series)

- Cool rewards (for winner in project showcase)

- Knowledge & experience

- Networking

Note that this event is just for Member of GDSC UEU

Can't wait to greet and have fun with all of you at this event, see yaa!