#3 Study Jam ML: Strategies to Improve Model Accuracy for Better Predictions

Join us on #3 Study Jam ML with the theme "Strategies to Improve Model Accuracy for Better Predictions". Learn why your models are inaccurate and how to enhance them for better predictions! Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your ML knowledge and RSVP now to improve your skills! 🚀🧠📈

Mar 23, 3:00 – 5:00 AM



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About this event

Hello guys🙋

Join us for the last #3 Study Jam ML: Strategies to Improve Model Accuracy for Better Predictions!

This session will delve into the factors that cause predictive models to be inaccurate and explore strategies to enhance their accuracy. Participants will gain a deep understanding of why models may lack accuracy and various techniques to improve their performance. From understanding the contributing factors to practical strategies for enhancing models, this study jam will guide you through the necessary steps to improve the accuracy of your predictive models.

🪄Benefits :

1. Enlarge your skill

2. ⁠Social Networking

3. ⁠Get Knowledge about Mode Accuracy

4. ⁠Adding Portofolio

5. ⁠Certificate GDSC x Dicoding

📌📂 When and Where? This study jam will be held on:

🗓 Saturday, March 23, 2024

⏰ 10:00 AM (GMT)

📍 Zoom Meeting

Join us to learn, discuss, and enhance your ML skills!

Hit that RSVP button now yall! Let's improve our skills together!🚀🧠📈

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  • Sukma Anggarmadi

    GDSC Unand



  • Sukma Anggarmadi

    GDSC Lead

  • Thomas Nobel Asfar


  • Ghina Fitri Hidayah

    Andalas University


  • Muhammad Irsyadul Fikri


  • Syakina Triyana

    Machine Learing

  • Nadini Annisa Byant

    Front-End Developer

  • Iqbal Defri Prasetya

    Back-End Developer

  • Fajar Alif Riyandi

    Andalas University

    Mobile Developer

  • Hamzah Abdillah

    UI/UX Designer

  • Nadia Nur Saida

    Event Organizer

  • Putri Afifah Ghaysani

    Human Resource

  • Aisyah Luthfi

    Content Writing

  • Rifqi Asverian Putra

    Andalas University

    Graphic Designer

  • Fadhillah Rahmad Kurnia

    Universitas Andalas

    Graphic Designer

  • Iqbal Firmansyah

    Public Relation

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